Here is a step by step guide on how to win over each character in the game.

Use this guide and the Hint Guide together to get the Endings you want.

If you need anymore help than what this guide can provide then please send a message on the game's page or our tumblr blog.






At the start of the game Verbena will ask you if you have anything to say to her. This is where you can input codes. We have made skip codes to directly any area in the game if you do not wish to replay the game over and over again from the start.


[*NOTE* You can not achieve

Endings 4 through 7 using skip codes.]



Area | Code


Maid. . .Eyes


Guard. . .Slime


Chef. . .Roast Boar


Library. . .Speech


Garden. . .Boss


Throne Room. . .Caring


Verbena's Room. . .BuffGirl


[Please input the codes exactly as they are typed here.]



- Maid -

1. What are you doing out of your room before the ceremony?

    Need something?

  • I want to leave. + 1 Trust

  • I'm hungry. + 1 Suspicion


2. [What do I say now, she seems pretty stuck on not letting me go now...]


  • Can I talk to the King? + 1 Trust

  • Check Royal Speech + 1 Suspicion


3. So what would you like? Try to keep it light though, as we will be having

    a feast after your ceremony my Princess~


  • Talk to Chef. + 1 Suspicion

  • Nevermind. + 1 Trust


- Maid Danger Zone -


4. Princess what is going on with you? You're acting very strange!


  • Act Sassy - 1 Affection

  • Act Mature + 1 Affection

  • Act Aggressive - 1 Affection





- Guard -


1. So uh whatcha doin' out then?


  • I was called. + 1 Suspicion

  • Looking for you. + 1 Trust


2. Oh well that's good...I think? Verby are you okay? Can't have the soon

    to be King starting to hallucinate!


  • I'm fine... + 1 Trust

  • Get a doctor! + 1 Suspicion


3. Well considering the day, I'd be mighty honoured to help you out

    Verby!~ What can I do you for?


  • Talk to Organizer. + 1 Trust

  • Get my robes. + 1 Suspicion


- Guard Danger Zone -


4. Verby what's going on? You're not acting like yourself...


  • Act Coy - 1 Affection

  • Act Smart - 1 Affection

  • Be a Copycat + 1 Affection





- Chef -


1. So if it isn't a confession of forbidden love...What might you be doing

    out here, my lovely princess?


  • I was hungry. + 1 Suspicion

  • It really is a confession! + 1 Trust


2. What did you want to order, Verbenie?


  • Beans on Toast + 1 Trust

  • Granola and Dried Fruits + 1 Suspicion


3. What do you really want, Verbenie?


  • Inquire about tonight's menu. + 1 Trust

  • I'm bored. + 1 Suspicion


- Chef Danger Zone -


4. Why don't you tell me what's going on, princess?


  • Act Flirty - 1 Affection

  • Act Shy - 1 Affection

  • Act Aggressive + 1 Affection





- Advisor -


1. What are you doing out of your room, Miss Verbena?


  • Overseeing the Preperations + 1 Trust

  • Ask for Advice + 1 Suspicion


2. You're interested in how the ceremony is coming along?


  • Guest List + 1 Trust

  • The Crown + 1 Suspicion


3. Hmm, I see. Well Miss Verbena, were you to choose a crown, which

    would you like?


  • A Cool Crown + 1 Suspicion

  • An Exquisite Crown + 1 Suspicion


4. Not at all. I'd be happy to help you, Miss Verbena.

    What did you want my advice on?


  • Advice on Love + 1 Trust

  • Advice on Being King + 1 Suspicion


5. Then please ask your question Verbena.


  • I've received a love letter. + 1 Trust

  • I have a crush. + 1 Suspicion


6. I see...So, what is your question then?


  • Work Load + 1 Suspicion

  • Politics + 1 Trust



- Advisor Danger Zone -


7. Show me, Miss Verbena, how a king acts!


  • Act Determined + 1 Affection

  • Act Cutesy - 1 Affection

  • Act Uncaring - 1 Affection




- The Advisor's Royal Pop Quiz -

For the pop quiz you need a least a score of 2 out of 3 to pass.


1. What is the planned main course for tonight's meal?


  • Rabbit Royale X

  • Roast Boar O


2. Which silverware do you start with when dining?


  • Outermost O

  • Innermost X


3. When greeting guests, which should you do?


  • Handshake X

  • Politely Nod O





- Queen -


1. Benie, is everything alright? If so, answer me.


  • Wanted to see you. + 1 Trust

  • Get fresh air. + 1 Suspicion


2. So, what does my little Benie need?


  • Frazer. + 1 Trust

  • Marriage. + 1 Suspicion


3. Why do you want to know? Does my Benie miss her little brother?


  • Wanted to know. + 1 Trust

  • Wanted to play. + 1 Suspicion


4. Why do you ask? I do notice you fancy some of the servants of

    our family. Who do you have your eye on huh?


  • Sila + 1 Trust

  • Klem + 1 Trust

  • Elliot + 1 Suspicion & + 1 Trust


5. Tell Mommy how you got here.


  • Sneaked passed gaurds. + 1 Suspicion

  • Jumped out window. + 1 Trust


6. Don't say you needed air, I'm not buying that.


  • See the flowers. + 1 Trust

  • Restless. + 1 Suspicion


7. I doubt you need fresh air, so tell mommy why you went through all of

    this trouble to get here.


  • Get to kitchen. + 1 Suspicion

  • Go for a walk. + 1 Trust



- Queen Danger Zone -


8. Verbena Lore Lovegood I'm waiting on your answer..


  • Be Childish

    • Go by myself. - 1 Affection

    • Let you escort. - 1 Affection


  • Be Yourself + 1 Affection

  • Act Dumb - 1 Affection


  • Make Something Up

    • Frazer took them. + 1 Affection

    • I sent them away. - 1 Affection




- King -


1. about what?


  • Let's chat pops! (Takes you to the Chat Session)

  • I have something to tell you..

    • I got a love letter. (You win...kinda?)

    • I feel sick. (Game Over)

  • Want to go get food? (Game Over - You both get into trouble.)

  • Oh nevermind I can't do this.. (Game Over - Why'd you giveup?)



- King Chat Session -


Time for a chat with Verbena's Old Man.

You must pick all of the right talk topics.

1 mistake and Game Over.


2. [What can I say to make him leave...?]


  • Talk about the Queen. O

  • Talk about King stuff. X

  • Talk about the weather. X

  • Talk about fashion. X


3. [Hmm what now...?]


  • Talk about ponies. X

  • Talk about dinner. X

  • Talk about Felix. O

  • Talk about other Kingdoms. X


4. [Well what else is there..?]


  • Talk about "Lemon Marmalade". X

  • Talk about "Say I Hate You". X

  • Talk about "COA". X

  • Talk about "Miracle Star". O



- King Danger Zone -


5. [So now what can now...?]


  • Act Spoiled - 1 Affection

  • Be Understanding + 1 Affection (- 1 Affection if Ending 04)

  • Be a Smart Alec - 1 Affection

  • Act Sweet + 1 Affection





- Verbena -


Verbena is pretty easy going and loves a good chat.

But still a lot of options are surprisingly still not to her liking..

Her conversation goes a bit differently than everyone else's so her guide will tell you directly what and whatnot to choose if you wish to win her ending.

Otherwise you can just enjoy the chat with Verbena if you like.


Questions -

1. What are you into?
Don't choose:

  • Blogging

  • Writing

  • Singing

  • Work

  • Crafts

2. Have any siblings?

Doesn't matter what you pick here.

3. ........

  • Are you doing the right thing?

4. What's your style?
Cancel (hit the X key) until you see

  • "Verbena please don't go."

5. Favorite Pet?

Don't choose:

  • Cats

  • Birds

  • Bunnies

  • Fish

  • Say nothing

6. Food you like?
Don't choose:

  • Homecooked

  • Fancy

  • Soul

  • Fast Food

7. ........


  1. Please rethink about leaving.

  2. That's happiness based on a lie then.

  3. They will be hurt after they learn it's a lie

8. Do you believe in the paranormal?
Doesn't matter what you pick here.

9. What do you deem important?
Don't choose:

  • You, Verbena

  • Money

  • Power

  • Vengeance

  • Nothing is important to me.

  • Prefer not to say.

10. Come on let's go.


  1. You're heartless aren't you?

  2. You're not trying at all.

  3. You're just running away from your problems.

11. Verbena looks stressed.


  • What are you doing..?


- - -


At this point the game should branch off and you'll be put into a danger zone. You'll get 7 chances and need to calm her down at least 5 times. You'll be given a hint for the first 3 chances (if she screams you lose a point). After that though she'll grow silent for the remainder of the last 4 chances.

- - -

If anyone would like us to add the Danger Zone part of Verbena's Route to this guide just say so. Though it shouldn't be too hard to win it if you have the most current version of the game.



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Sila the Maid

Klem the Guard

Elliot the Royal Chef

Verbena's personal maid.

Loves her job serving the royal family. Sila has faith in Verbena to do her best.

Verbena's best friend since childhood. He panics very easily. Looks up to Verbena in admiration.

The Royal Chef and one of the most renowned Chefs of all of the Underworld. He's a flirt that is captivated by everyone's beauty, espically Verbena's. The King and Queen love him, but Verbena would say otherwise.

Matilda the Royal Advisor

The Royal Advisor and Verbena's Teacher. She is strict and very precise with anything that is done within her own work and Kingdom affairs.

She alongside the King has been training Verbena for years to be the next King. She has high hopes for Verbena and is ready to help her after she is crowned. She is also very proud of Verbena despite wishing that she'd act just even a tiny bit more refined.

Verbena has high respect for Matilda,

yet is also terrified of her. She ranks her the 2nd most scariest creature in

the kingdom.

The Queen of the Underworld, and Verbena's mother. She is a strong and pround centaur woman, and also possibly the most terrifying creature in the underworld. She loves her husband and children very much, but often times has trouble keeping them in line. Despite her violent capabilities she is the most calm out of her family.

Verbena loves and respects her mother very much, but often stays clear of her since she considers her the number one most terrifiying creature in the Underworld.

The Queen


The King of the Underworld, and Verbena's father. Despite his terrifying appareance he is the sweetest creature around. He loves his family, his servants, and his kingdom and strives to be a great and loving ruler.

Verbena loves her father and likes to spend a lot of time with him. Her, the King, and the young prince Felix all cause a lot of mischef in the kingdom though.

The King

Princess Verbena herself. She is the crown princess of the Underworld and in line to be the next King. She's spunky and reckless and likes to hang out with people within her kingdom.

She is a strong creature and can hold her own in a fight, but her weaknesses seem to reside in her feelings and inability to talk about them to others.

Everyone in the kingdom loves her and are excited for her to become king. They love how caring and nice she is and believe she will rule the kingdom well like her father does.

Princess Verbena